Friday, July 10, 2009

What makes a home?

If home is where the heart is,
What distinguishes it from a house?
While one can spin a thousand tales,
The other merely serves as shelter.
A home is filled with life and vitality,
While a house is but a structure.
The latter, built with boards and nails,
Repels all of nature’s trauma.
A home, much different indeed, is full of kin.
Love, pulsing through a home,
Is but the essence of its being.
Cement, holding steadfast a house,
Is but a common hardened mixture.
Absorbed with the tradition of a lifetime,
A home is where you thrive.
Pounded with nails of steel,
A house is where you reside.
What makes a home a home?
What makes a house a house?
The simple matters in life,
Delved from our inner soul,
Can answer these pressing question.
Home is where the heart is,
The heart makes a home a home.
Praise the LORD! Our house on Lenwood finally closed and we've moved. I can't even express the relief and sense of peace we feel now that we are somewhere more affordable. I struggled with leaving the memories of Lenwood but thanks to my dear friend Theresa and her words of wisdom I now realize that our house doesn't make our family, we do.