Sunday, January 17, 2010


From the time Noah was born I've taken him several times at different studios for photo sessions. Although the pictures that were a result of those sessions weren't bad I never really loved them. So, this Christmas I was determined to get some extraordinary photos of our family and especially Noah. We hired our friend Brandon Price to take some pictures and they came out awesome. Hope you enjoy them. Thanks Brandon!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Many Merry Christmas Pictures

Not much time to write but thought I'd share some favorite pictures from our Christmas. We had a wonderful time celebrating with family and friends. Noah made a killing in the present department. Scott taught him to say that his Christmas presents are "ill-gotten-booty". It's so adorable to hear him try to pronounce it correctly. Enjoy the photos.

Christmas Tree Cutting
(I was still battling pink-eye. Ugh!)

Chacon Family Christmas

Christmas morning with all his "ill-gotten-booty."

Christmas night with family.