Friday, January 30, 2009

It begins!

One would think that knowing my family Jeremiah and I would have been on skis before the age of two but that is not correct. Neither of us skied until after two, therefore my child beat us. We took Noah skiing 1 week before his second birthday for the first time. I'm not sure who was more excited, Noah, me, or my Dad. Dad was just giddy and took the day off of work to come up and help us. Noah did terrific and had amazing balance. One of the instructors from Mt. Rose asked how old he was and upon hearing let us know that most of the 4-6 year old kids don't have the balance that Noah did. I'm so proud...he's a natural.

After a few runs he was nodding off on the lift. I had to carry him down the last run because we couldn't wake him up. Good job little man!

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Maridy Carpenter said...

Sarah, it was so good to find your blog! Noah is so adorable. We got Sara on skis recently, too, though she's three now. And they were x-country, not alpine, but it's a start :)