Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Being His Clay

Two weeks ago I was fortunate enough to be asked to teach part of our yearly Ladies Seminar at our church. The theme this year was "The Seasons of our Lives: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter." Patty Neely graciously shared her class time with me and I spoke about the Bible character Lydia and how she had prepared herself for the fall of her life. The key question I posed to the ladies in our sessions was how are we planting goodness in our lives and what are we able to harvest due to our careful planting.

Since then, as with most teachers, I continue to think about how this applies to my life. Am I planting the things which God would want me to during this time in my life so that my harvest will be what God wants from me? Am I developing and using the talents that I have been blessed with to the glory of our heavenly Father?

I suppose the conclusion I've come to is that I am trying. Aren't we all? Some days I do better than others but I pray that I will continue to allow God to mold me into a better person today than I was yesterday. Molding isn't easy and it isn't always comfortable, but I have faith in my God. He is ever present, awesomely powerful, wiser that I will ever be, and all knowing enough to point me to my most productive and challenging path. I pray He will do the same for you.

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