Saturday, February 5, 2011

With age comes...


Let me explain

Last year Noah attended a birthday party and kid's club activity at our local rocking climbing gym, Rock Sport. We were amazed at his lack of fear as he scaled the walls without any hesitation and showed up the older kids. Fast forward about 6 months when we asked him where he wanted to have his 4th birthday party and he exuberantly yelled "ROCK SPORT!"

So after some scheduling conflicts (don't get me started) we all arrived at the climbing gym ready to behold the bravery, skill and agility of all that is Noah. WRONG! Sometime in the last few months it occurred to him, "Hey, I could fall, I could get hurt, I COULD FALL TO MY DEATH DOING THIS THING! It doesn't matter how much Mom, Dad, Kyle, party goers or God himself tries to bribe, trick or talk me into doing this thing that I'm going to climb up that rope. I'm four after all and this is my party...and I'll climb if I want to! And I don't wanna." Well maybe he didn't say it exactly like that, but you get the drift.
We still has a fabulous party! Noah had a blast playing with his friends, eating, climbing a bit for photo opts and most importantly presents! Thank you to all who were there to sharing in our celebration of our little man. The last 4 years have truly been a blessing!

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