Friday, June 20, 2008

Rodeo and Racing...a Bell and Boutcher Tradition!

Wow, have we been busy! This beautiful Nevada weather has gotten us all out of the house and enjoying the great outdoors. We've been fishing, walking at the marina, and building garden boxes for Noah's first garden.

It's been a joy watching Noah truly playing outside this summer and getting into EVERYTHING. My theory on mothering "If my kid is dirty and tired at the end of the day I've done a good job." It's wonderful watching him experience the blessing that God has so richly given us in this life.

We've been spending quite a bit of time at my parents house with the horses, dogs, and our most recent discovery....the backhoe. Dad taught him how to move the bucket up and down although he still doesn't quite have enough strength to do it himself. As soon as we drive up to their house now he makes a b-line straight for his new play toy.

We bought a season pass to Wild Waters this summer and have been going about 2 days a week. I met an amazing stay-at-home Mom friend, Crystal, and her wonderful children a couple months back and they've been going with us. Her youngest, Cavan, is only 4 days younger than Noah so they've become great playmates. Also, Samantha Brunson, a girl from church stayed with Noah and I during the day the last couple weeks. Noah's becoming quite the water baby!

Not only has the water park been a big hit, but he's been working on his racing...much to his father's approval.

Scott and I went to Sonoma last weekend for my first NASCAR Cup race! It was a blast! We went to practice and a California series on Saturday and then the Cup series on Sunday.

Unfortunately, Tony Steward didn't have the time to come and visit me personally....but that didn't stop me from giving his cutout a little love.

Meanwhile, back in Nevada Noah enjoyed a weekend full of Rodeo. The Reno Rodeo is this week and and he dressed the part. Mom took him to the parade on Saturday morning and he rode around like a big boy with Grandpa Randy. They took him to the rodeo on Sunday night and he's now a big fan of the Wildest, Richest, Rodeo in the West! We're going again on Thursday and Friday and I'm make sure to take some pictures. He's just the cutest cowboy I've ever seen!

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