Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Summer Wrap Up

Now that it's officially fall we've been kicking our outdoor enjoyment into full gear. Scott and I had been trying to get away all summer and go camping...just the two of us. We finally made the time last weekend. We went down to the Carson River for two days. We fished, cooked yummy food, and played A LOT of Scrabble. I'm sure Scott will want a rematch soon because I kicked his butt! We had a blast!

Noah staying with PaPa and NawNaw (my parents) for the weekend. On Friday Mom made an entire dinner out on the campfire at their house. If you've never had some of her dutch oven cookin' you need to invite yourself over.
First piano lessons with Naw Naw.

We went to a GREAT park next to our friends house yesterday. He's getting so grown up!

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