Monday, December 1, 2008

Family Milestones

It's been over a month since I've posted anything on the family blog. I wish I had some good excuses as to why...but I just don't. I've been a slacker.

First off we celebrated Halloween...BOO! After many hours and failed attempts I finally finished Noah's costume the morning of Halloween. If you've spent any time with him at all you'd know that he is OBSESSED with phones. We thought one of the best ways to remember this stage in his develpment was to make him into one of his favorite items.

We went Trick-O-Treating with our dear friends the Claysons. Chloe walked and the boys hung out in the wagon. The only way we kept them sitting was giving them Smarties every few minutes. It was a blast!

As for the family milestones...Scott and I are now official adults! We hosted out first Thanksgiving at our home. It was wonderful to have the entire family together for this blessed holiday. I was thrilled that I didn't mess anything up and that the stuffing I made at least resembled my mom's.

Concerning Noah's newest milestone the pictures speak for themselves.

So much for getting a few more minutes at the end of his nap while he talks and sings in his crib.
One other funny photo. Noah's grown bored of riding Mater
himself so he's sharing with Daddy. What a sweet boy!

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