Friday, May 1, 2009

What happened to April?

Upon signing in this morning to catch up on everyones news I realized I didn't post the ENTIRE month of April. Not for the lack of interesting and adorable things happening...but for a lack of time and planning. One of these days I'll adjust to "Mommyhood" and get on top of things.

So, a quick catchup on all the happenings in the Boutcher household....

Janelle Cooke (Winburn) visited with her adorable new son Caleb. Janelle and I have been friends my ENTIRE life and her friendship has meant the world to me. We've shared childhood, young adulthood (living in DC), marriage to our fantastic husbands, and now motherhood together. Looking forward to many more years of memories and experiences.

We drove to Sacramento 2 weeks ago and visited the Sacramento Zoo. Unfortunately, my camera battery died so we have few pictures but many memories. I took Noah to the Portland Zoo when he was a year old but he didn't really get it. This time he had a blast. You would think his favorite part would have been the animals...but was the train. He's still talking about it.

We had an Egg-cellent Easter! After church we went to my Grandmother's home with family and our friends, the Claysons. The kids had a blast hunting Easter eggs and eating A LOT of candy.

We're still in escrow on the house. My dear friend Tracy once told me while I was in another unrelated life transition, "Sarah, you're in God's waiting room...get a magazine." Well, I think about that a lot right now. We're at a time in our life that is trying, unsure and scary but I know that someday looking back I will see the positive in this trial and "count it all joy" (see James chapter 1).

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