Friday, October 24, 2008

An Apple a Day

We went on our annual Apple Hill trip last weekend. I just loved looking at these two pictures and seeing how much Noah changed this last year. My, how the times flies!

One of the orchards we visit is called "High Hill" and they have a pond that people can fish out of. We've never participated but Vada McClelland and Bethany Snyder decided to fish this year. It was hilarious watching all the "city slickers" allowing their children to fish, and then the shock of horror on the parents faces when they realized that they would actually have to touch the fish, take the hook out, and all that goes along with fishing. It was GREAT!

This pumpkin weighed in at 1153 pounds!

Noah and his girls (Vada McClelland and Bethany Snyder)

listening to Blue Grass music at Kids Inc.

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